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What a cup of chamomile tea a day will do for your health

The recurrent consumption of chamomile tea is related to great benefits to fight diseases and everything related to inflammatory processes.

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For many years the chamomile tea is considered one of the traditional remedies plus ancient and popular, much of its benefits is related to its broad range of health benefits. Its consumption in the form of an infusion has made chamomile one of the natural drinks and therapeutic most famous in the world, especially thanks to their digestive properties and soothing.

Complementarily, there are currently valuable research that support its efficacy as a treatment for fight various diseases, that go from typical stomach conditions, nervous disorders, even diabetes and including cancer; which are largely related to his antioxidant power and anti-inflammatory. In such a way that until now the studies on the chamomile tea potency have been promising and best of all, it is a very noble drink related to no side effects.

A little about chamomile:

Chamomile is a herbaceous plant which was originally distributed in the Balkan area, North Africa and Western asiaIt is currently cultivated in many countries of the world such as Spain and Argentina. It is one of the oldest medicinal herbs known, and it is believed that the interest in her arose due to her intense aroma.

This comforting drink is made with dried chamomile flowers and it is believed that the more powerful and concentrated the tea greater healing benefits will offer. Much of its wonderful effects are associated with its content in a few chemical substances calls flavonoids, these are nutrients present in many plants and that are associated with medicinal power of chamomile. We invite you to discover everything that a cup of this delicious and warm infusion can do for your health, it will become a basic in the home medicine cabinet.

What a cup of chamomile a day will do for your health:

1. The best medicine against indigestion

Without a doubt, chamomile is the natural treatment most popular and indisputable when we talk about indigestion and stomach pains common. Your benefits are related to your ability to relax the digestive system, encourages movements in the stomach and intestines essential to achieve good digestion. Additionally it is warm and very soft, perfect for fight bloating, excessive gases, diarrhea and any inflammation; is the perfect ally for the days when we overindulge with fatty food and very spicy, and also with the alcohol.

2. Reduces menstrual pain

There are studies that emphasize the chamomile tea benefits, to reduce the severity of menstrual cramps. In particular a 2010 study, found that consuming a daily chamomile tea for a month I could reduce pain from colic in the following menstrual periods Also complementary to this, the women in the study reported other benefits related to premenstrual syndrome; among those who stand out lower levels of anxiety and distress associated with menstrual pain, better sleep quality and less inflammation.

3. Lowers blood sugar levels

One of the great genius of the recurring intake of chamomile tea, is due to its power to reduce blood sugar concentration. It is therefore one of the most powerful natural remedies for diabetic populationof course it will never be a substitute for viable of medications; however it is a great natural complement in the treatment. In fact it has a study from 2008, in which it was found that constant consumption of chamomile tea might prevent blood sugar from rising. This effect reduces the long-term risk of complications of diabetes.

4. Good preventive of osteoporosis

This is probably one of the most amazing benefits of the systematic intake of chamomile, its ability to strengthen bones and teeth. The osteoporosis is considered a condition that is associated with progressive loss of bone density, which it’s increases the risk of bone fractures and hunched posture. It is a typical disease of postmenopausal women and it is a trend that is related to the effects of estrogen, although it can occur in all types of people. According to a 2004 study, chamomile tea is a great ally of women’s health since it is related to anti-estrogenic effects.

5. Reduces inflammation

Chamomile tea is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents of nature, it is well known that the inflammation is a immune system reaction to fight infections. Yet inflammation announces various diseases and infections, the good news is that it has A study that endorses the qualities of the chamomile flower infusion to reduce significantly short-term inflammation, all these qualities are related to your antioxidant power and its content in unique chemical compounds. So that drink chamomile tea will be a good ally for deflate the body on a daily basis and thus protect you from diseases digestive, respiratory and viral.

6. Combat insomnia and nervous disorders

It is no grandmother’s tale, chamomile tea is a great ally to decrease the altered nervous states and that are also directly related to the insomnia or various sleep disorders. It is believed that the chamomile tea helps the people relax and fall asleep, as suggested an analysis of various studies which were based on the analysis of 10 out of 12 cardiovascular patients who reported sleeping easily shortly after consuming chamomile tea. Complementary to this there is countless studies that suggest that the chamomile tea, it is of great help for promote relaxation. A study that draws special attention, confirms that chamomile extract helps to fall asleep in disturbed moments, in fact many researchers believe that chamomile tea can work as benzodiazepine, prescription medication in order to reduce anxiety and induce sleep.


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