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Do you know what pepperoni is really made of?

Pepperoni emerged in New York.

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One of the ingredients that you can practically not miss in any pizza is pepperoni, a sausage that is usually chosen because it adds a lot of flavor to any food, making it extremely exquisite.

But pepperoni is not exclusive to pizza; We can also integrate it into any sandwich or sandwich, thus giving a twist to these traditional dishes.

Surely you usually eat it often, but sometime you have wondered how it originated and above all, what it is made of. Here we give you more details about it.

The origins of pepperoni are in New York

According to information given by Tastessence, the origin of pepperoni goes back at the beginning of the 20th century, when they started to settle the first Italian butchers and pizzerias in New York, who were inspired by salami to create it and give a special touch to pizzas.

His name comes from the word “Peperone”, which means “pepper”, one of the main ingredients of this sausage.

What really is pepperoni?

It is a sausage made from beef and pork, and salt, red pepper powder, anise powder, sugar, pepper and some other spices are added to this mixture.

This mixture is sealed and refrigerated for 3 days. Then, the sausage is subjected to a process of smoking, curing or salting, to give it the flavor you are looking for.

Over time, the preparation is packaged so that it has the circular shape that we all know.

Let’s remember pepperoni also contains high amounts of salt, saturated fat and preservatives, which can affect health if consumed in excess.


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