Do you bathe daily? Yale professor hasn’t done it since 2015 and explains why | The State

ORA Yale University professor named James Hamblin has become news after giving an interview to the BBC, where he revealed that since 2015 he has not bathed, and he also claimed to be perfectly healthy.

We have always been taught that bathing should be done daily; However, Hamblin ensures that it is not necessary to spend several minutes under the shower, much less use products such as soap, shampoo or deodorant to have good personal hygiene.

Hamblin explained that in 2015 she decided to make a few changes to her cleaning routine: she started cutting back on the days she did it and now just remove sweat and dirt with “short washes” that he performs only with water and that his new scent is to the liking of his wife and closest friends.

He also recalled that there are germs, bacteria and microbes that do us good, since they help stabilize the skin’s ecosystems and stressed that what is essential to do daily is wash your hands with soap and brush your teeth.


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