The video of the Argentine Yanet García, Sol Pérez, washing her car with a tiny bikini | The State

“Make your car look and smell amazing,” he recommended Sol Pérez. The Argentine Yanet García, to her more than 5.6 million followers. The driver washed her vehicle and, in less than a day, the publication exceeded one million views.

To the rhythm of electronic music, the law student and model took advantage of the sunny Saturday to wash her car and leave it gleaming. In the video he published, he is seen dressed with a floss bikini in black and white tone, tennis shoes and a hat to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

The first one who joked when she saw the clip was the model Natalie Weber, who wrote: “Can I take mine too?”, Along with laughing emojis. As a result of this comment, thousands of other users were added to the long list of people who signed up for Pérez to clean their car.

Recently the driver confessed why she feels a great vocation for exercise: “Training makes me feel invincible, unstoppable; I am at my best, directing myself every day ”.

In this sense, more than once she assured that it was thanks to the advice of professionals, the changes in her diet, and the hard workouts that her appearance was transformed towards what she was aiming for.


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