Jailyne Ojeda hits the nets showing off her legs and hips in bikini from the Maldives | The State

Everytime that Jailyne ojeda makes some type of publication for his almost 13 million followers of Instagram unleashes a furor. And this occasion was no exception.

In some recent photographs she uploaded, the Mexican model can be seen on a beach in the Maldives, wearing a small white bikini that caused a great impact because her hips and legs were exposed to delight friends and strangers.

The sensual selfies did not take long to go viral, within a few hours they reached 350 thousand red hearts and received thousands of comments to highlight the beauty of the young woman.

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It should be noted that Jailyne has taken advantage of her stay in the heavenly place to flaunt her voluptuousness with all kinds of hot swimsuits.

Here we leave you some of the most commented.


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