Film Festival: several Quebecers awarded in Whistler

Quebec cinema shone on the top 20e edition of the Whistler Film Festival in British Columbia.

Several works and actors appear on the prize list, unveiled on Sunday, starting with Sophie Dupuis, crowned best director of the competition thanks to her new feature film, Underground.

This foray into the Abitibi mines also received an honorable mention for his cinematography, a category where it was Quebecer Fred Gervais-Dupuis who received top honors for his work in the low-budget film. The marina.

The main actor of The marina, Rémi Goulet, for his part also obtained an honorable mention in the category of interpretation which was won by Rémy Girard, in You will remember me.

Finally, Like a comet, Ariane Louis-Seize, was named best Canadian short film while in the category of best film directed by a woman, The goddess of fire flies, by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, received an honorable mention.

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