Teammates awaiting the Battle of Alberta

Quebecer Jakob Pelletier, drafted in the first round by the Calgary Flames in 2019, and Albertan Dylan Holloway, an Edmonton Oilers prospect, are currently pairing up with Junior Team Canada, but the day will soon come when they will s ‘will face in the Battle of Alberta.

“We’re focusing on what’s going on here and then we’ll see,” said Pelletier, amused, when presented to him during the Canadian team’s media availability on Saturday.

Holloway was right by his side to answer journalists’ questions. The University of Wisconsin Badgers player, picked 14th overall in the recent draft, admits to having special moments as the Canadian team uses the Oilers locker room during the World Junior Hockey Championship in Edmonton.

“It’s huge, there are the hot baths and the cold baths, it’s pretty crazy and very cool!” Holloway described.

“There’s plenty of space, that’s great, but in two or three years I’m likely to hate this locker room more,” Pelletier replied jokingly.

A quick trio

For now, Pelletier and Holloway are likely to complete a trio with Alex Newhook with the Canadian squad.

“It’s easy to play with him, we complement each other well,” Pelletier said of Holloway. I think our line is very good at forward chess, we’re fast and that will help us both offensively and defensively. ”

“I like playing with Pelletier, he’s super fast and works hard,” Holloway said.

Entertain the people

Unless otherwise changed, Canada’s first official game in the tournament will be Dec. 26 against Germany. Due to the cases of COVID-19 among the German and Swedish teams, the preparatory calendar has also been butchered by six games out of 10. Canada will therefore only play one such match, on Wednesday, against Russia.

Obviously, the players on the Canadian team know that all eyes will be on them in the coming weeks, especially as many people in the country remain confined to their homes due to the pandemic.

“We know that 2020 has been a difficult year for hockey and for the world as a whole, we will try to bring some happiness to the Canadians,” said Pelletier. But do you feel more pressure? I do not think so.”

The pressure has always been great on Junior Team Canada, pandemic or not.

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