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Armando Manzanero.

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After being hospitalized in Mexico City since Wednesday night after testing positive for COVID-19, the health of the interpreter and composer Armando Manzanero has been improving, confirmed his wife Laura Elena Villa.

Fortunately, he is responding very well to treatment, he is stable and in the right place, because because of his breathing it was better for him to be here (in the hospital) and the whole family is very happy because he is doing very well, thank God. He is calm, we did a Facetime and we talked, and well he does not want to be here because he is very active and it is not easy, but that is what we have to do, fortunately it’s okay“, Shared town in interview.

He expressed that the situation was surprising both for the Yucatecan producer and for his entire family, as he assures that he was perfectly healthy. That is why they decided to attend the opening of the Casa Manzanero Museum, last Friday, which was also attended by their colleagues Carlos Cuevas and Jorge Muniz, although they do not believe that the contagion was there.

We really don’t know, we couldn’t be sure because we handled all the protocols, we had a healthy distance, the mask all the time, and he had no symptoms. He is a very beloved man, as we all know, and suddenly people come, hug him, want to kiss him, there are those who come for that and in an oversight, I don’t know … we can’t be sure where he went, or how, because I I have traveled with him to all the commitments he has, I always accompany him and I am negative (for COVID)“, He stressed.

She commented that both she and her children, who live with him, took the test, to which they all came back negative. Therefore, they do not explain how the author was infected.

Given the unpredictability of the disease and its symptoms, so far they cannot confirm how long he will stay in the hospital.

Doctors do not give us a date, because this always depends on the patient’s reaction, so it is not known, the only thing is that yes, when he came out to give us the report, thus verbatim, he told us that it is: Good, good, good! And that is a blessing. We are grateful with so much affection for him, we have received many expressions of appreciation, we hope that we will soon leave this“, He concluded.

Figures like Carlos Cuevas, Noel Schajris, Paty Cantu and Juan Solo They used their social networks to wish the 85-year-old composer a speedy recovery.


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