Gifts for seniors in times of pandemic

To fight against loneliness, some thirty volunteers from a church in Longueuil have prepared many Christmas gifts for seniors, who cannot spend the holidays with their families this year.

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The New Life evangelist church invited them to a parking lot, to greet them and give them a present. They took turns driving to respect the sanitary rules. A lady, who does not have a car, got around as best she could in a scooter.

“Since March, we’ve been following around 1,200 people by phone. And there are 250 households who, today, will receive gifts, “said Manon Papillon, who is one of the volunteers.

Many elderly people have experienced the pandemic very hard, some even thinking of taking their own lives.

“We have a lady that we called two to three times a day, she wanted to end it. She would say regularly, “I’m going to swallow all my pills, I can’t live like this anymore.” She was alone, no family, “said Charles Boucher, volunteer for the Nouvelle Vie Church.

Another woman who got the support of the group of believers almost died after stopping her medication last year.

She says she owes them her life.

“I was at the end. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, then Manon gave me her hand, then she gave me hope, ”confided Micheline Paille.

Young and old

It was not just the adults who participated in the disappearance of gifts. Little Maya inserted her drawings in several presents.

Rosalie and Mégane have made Christmas cards that will be delivered to CHSLDs.

Everywhere in Quebec, we can sense a vast movement of compassion.

In Saint-Jérôme, the police collected hundreds of toys.

They launched a vast operation and visited more than 200 families who will, thanks to their dedication, have a better holiday season.

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