Ferdinando Valencia talks about the millionaire debt he has after the death of his son Dante | The State

Everything seems to indicate that the panorama is finally clearing up for Ferdinando Valencia, who maintains a millionaire debt since August 2019 after suffering the death of his son Dante three months old.

According to his recent statements, the actor from ‘La Mexicana y El Güero’ continues to request the support of ANDA (National Association of Actors) to cover the expenses of the fifth hospital in which his son received medical attention, a debt that amounts to 1 million 800 thousand Mexican pesos.

The process has been very slow, but in the end we begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel where we can see that the union wants to do things and somehow that begins to give me peace of mind, let’s seeHe commented.

The actor acknowledged that after several months he had already received a response from the General Secretary of the Association, Jesus Ochoa: “There is already contact and I have established communication with the hospital such as ANDA, it had taken me a lot of work to find Chucho Ochoa, and he established communication with me, he has sent me a couple of documents and what remains is to see what continuity is givenHe explained.

And although he acknowledged that the outlook is positive so far, we still have to wait for an agreement to be reached between those responsible for each area involved.

I had established a process for the beginning of the year, where I was going to determine conclusions, but apparently things, and I have to admit it, so far they look positive, I hope it continues like this, I hope to understand the details, that these are issues that They talk to lawyers, accounting people, hospital people and in due course I will define my position according to what happens and I will know how to applaud if they do what is necessary and what corresponds to my rights and if not I will have to do what is appropriate at the time”, Revealed before the journalist’s camera Eden Dorantes.

Likewise, Valencia He assured that he has the proofs that guarantee his right as a worker for the 18 years that he began his career in Mexico.


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