Celia Lora shows off her cleavage in a risky selfie | The State

Celia lora She is about to reach 9 million followers on Instagram, a social network in which she is already considered a celebrity thanks to the daring publications in which she shamelessly shows her voluptuous charms.

The Mexican model paralyzed the famous social network with a risky selfie in which no garment was visible, generating a shower of red hearts and comments in which his followers made burning proposals.

But this was not the only image of the night, since shortly before he published a video with which he invited his fans to subscribe on his website, where they can receive exclusive and uncensored content.

Subscribe to celilora.com for uncensored and personalized photos, audios and videos“, Is what you read hear say to the daughter of Alex Lora.

Although the social network does not allow her to show her completely naked body, on several occasions she has revealed part of her attributes by posing topless or in tiny clothes that have left little to the imagination.

Posing in front of the mirror and without clothes, it’s like the former Acapulco Shore member also appeared on several occasions to win the admiration of thousands of fans.


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