Bad Bunny’s “Difficult” is among Barack Obama’s Favorite Songs of the Year | The State

As is tradition, the former president Barack Obama shared on Twitter the list of his favorite songs of the year, but this time he surprised with a song by Bad Bunny.

Although Obama has shown on different occasions that he is a fan of hip-hop and the urban genre, this time he highlighted the song “La Difficult”, belonging to one of the albums that Bad Bunny released during 2020.

In the message shared on his social networks, the former president added that to make the list he had the advice of his daughter Sasha.

These are some of my favorite songs of the year. As usual, I had a valuable consultation from our family music guru Sasha to put this together. I hope you find a new song or two to listen to ”, it reads in the post.

Within the list, which contains 30 songs, also appear “Levitating”, by Dua lipa; Bob Dylan’s “Goodbye Jimmy Reed”; “Nada”, by Lido Pimienta and “Blue World”, by Mac Miller, among other songs.

Recently, he also revealed what his favorite series were, including Watchmen and The Boys.

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