Alberta transfers COVID patients to children’s hospital

Now the epicenter of the second wave in Canada, Alberta is forced to transfer patients with COVID-19 to a pediatric hospital, which will have unfortunate consequences for families of sick children.

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The intensive care unit at Stollery Children’s Hospital in the Edmonton area will now accommodate adults suffering from the coronavirus.

This was confirmed by the health authorities of the province at Global News Friday.

Health care leaders have come to the conclusion that this is the best solution to relieve hospital congestion, but they are aware that this measure puts children and their families at a disadvantage.

Children in intensive care will need to be transferred to the hospital heart unit, where they will most likely not be able to be alone in their room due to lack of space.

This means that these children will have the right to receive a visit from only one of their relatives at a time. As Christmas approaches, they will therefore not be able to welcome their father and mother at the same time.

Also, if the other bed in the bedroom is occupied, one of their parents will not be able to stay overnight with them.

“We recognize that this will be extremely difficult for some families, and we are very sorry for the impact this decision may have,” the provincial health agency apologized.

Alberta, where the Kenney government hesitated before tightening health rules, is by far the province most affected by the second wave of COVID-19.

Some days last week, there were more cases there than in Quebec, even though the population is half the size.

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