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In this month 16 years ago, sentenced to death, hanged a pregnant woman and took a baby from her womb

Lisa Montgomery was sentenced to the death penalty in Missouri.

Wyandotte County Sheriff / EFE

December 16 but 2004, Lisa Montgomery strangled pregnant Bobbi Jo Stinnett and took the baby she was carrying at home in Skidmore, Missouri.

Montgomery, then 36, strangled the 23-year-old woman with a rope and cut her uterus with a kitchen knife.

The woman’s intention was to pass the baby off as her own.

The women agreed to meet at the victim’s house to purchase a “Rat Terrier” dog.

The girl Victoria Jo Stinnett survived the attack and is now 16 years old.

The murderer, who was convicted of kidnapping resulting in death, was sentenced to death in Missouri in 2007.

Weeks away from being executed by lethal injection

This week marked the 16th anniversary of the heinous crime, weeks after Montgomery is executed by lethal injection.

If the procedure is finalized, Montgomery will become the first inmate of a federal prison to be executed by the US government in 70 years.

The execution of the woman, now 52 years old, is scheduled to take place on January 12. Montgomery was supposed to be executed last week, but her legal representatives caught the coronavirus and they were unable to prepare the clemency request in his case in time.

Request for clemency from your lawyers

The woman’s lawyers have presented appeals to reverse the death sentence under allegations that the woman suffers from her mental faculties and that she was a victim of abuse as a child inside and outside her family environment.

“It is difficult to understand the extent of the horrors Lisa endured from an early age, including being raped by her stepfather, handed over to friends for use, sold to groups of adult men by her own mother, raped in mass repeatedly, and ruthlessly beaten and rejected. No one stepped in to help Lisa, even though many knew what was going on, ”attorney Sandra Babcock said in statements quoted by KMBC.

“No other woman has been executed for a similar crime, because most prosecutors have recognized that it is inevitably the product of trauma and mental illness,” added the lawyer.

“The execution of Lisa Montgomery will be another injustice inflicted on a woman who has known a lifetime of mistreatment,” said Babcock.

The UN also asks to nullify the execution

In early December, a United Nations (UN) panel made up of 10 human rights experts asked the US government not to execute Montgomery.

The UN group maintains that Montgomery suffers from serious mental trauma that he carries since childhood. However, these arguments were not presented during his trial in 2007 as extenuating circumstances for his sentence.

“Ms. Montgomery was the victim of an extreme level of physical and sexual abuse throughout her life against which the state never provided protection and for which it did not offer solutions,” the panel said in a press release from the UN Human Rights Office, OHCHR.


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