More than 3,000 dead in one day in the United States

The United States again recorded a very heavy death toll on Thursday with more than 3,200 dead and almost 250,000 new cases of coronavirus in one day, according to benchmark figures from Johns Hopkins University.

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The country is currently facing a dramatic rebound in the epidemic, which has never really caught on in the United States since March. Over the past 15 days, the mark of 200,000 daily cases has been exceeded 12 times.

As of Thursday, 3,249 deaths and 247,544 new infections were precisely recorded, according to a statement made daily at 8:30 p.m. (local time) by AFP of the university’s figures, updated continuously.

This is the fourth time in 10 days that the United States has crossed the 3,000 daily death mark.

The day before, the United States had reached a double record, with more than 3,700 dead and more than 250,000 cases. The total death toll is over 310,000 deaths.

Health officials feared the outbreak following the big Thanksgiving family holiday on November 26, when millions of Americans traveled to join their loved ones. Experts fear the situation will get even worse over the holiday season.

The huge vaccination campaign that was launched Monday in the United States, with the first injections of the remedy from Pfizer / BioNTech, will not stem the current surge, they warned, because it will take several months before a sufficiently large part of the population is immunized.

On Thursday, a committee of experts recommended emergency clearance of the vaccine from Moderna, paving the way for the shipment of doses this weekend.

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