Heartbreaking farewells for Luc Dionne

Writing the fall finale of District 31 Luc Dionne was not happy because he was to seal the fate of a character he had loved dearly for five years.

(Whistleblower alert: if you are even half an hour late in District 31, stop reading immediately.)

What many viewers feared finally happened on Thursday. Virginie Francœur has been killed. Camped with brio by Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle since 2016, the ex-escort nicknamed Nancy was presumably murdered for stealing diamonds. We would have liked Miss BBQ / Amélie Bérubé to come and get her to bring her to safety, but unfortunately her body was found lifeless in the bed of Francis Garant (Frédérick De Grandpré), another to whom little is given. chances of seeing spring again.

“It pained me a lot to leave this character,” said Luc Dionne in an interview with Newspaper. It broke my heart. I had all the hard time telling Catherine-Audrey. But I had come to the end of the character. “

Initially, the actress was to appear in only three or four scenes of District 31, but his energy convinced the author to extend his adventure.

“She had a way of saying things that inspired me. Every time I wrote “Virginie Francœur” at the start of a streak, I knew she would make me laugh with her two-way lines. “

False retreat for Jacob

Thursday’s episode brought an end to a fall full of twists and turns for District 31, in front of and behind the camera.

On the intrigue side, Nick Romano (Mathieu Baron), Pascale Lanier (Caroline Néron) and the Lemaire-Dujardin-Gadbois affair promise to gain attention when the holidays return.

Normand Auclair (Hugo Giroux) and Pascale Lanier (Caroline Néron).

Photo Karl Jessy

Normand Auclair (Hugo Giroux) and Pascale Lanier (Caroline Néron).

Not to mention the transfer of Yves Jacob (Marc Fournier) to the independent investigations department with Mélissa Corbeil (Brigitte Paquet) and André Dallaire (Pierre-François Legendre). This turnaround (the internal affairs investigator had announced he was retiring) also portends a tumultuous winter for Commander Chiasson’s squad.

Yves Jacob (Marc Fournier) has not said his last word.

Photo Karl Jessy

Yves Jacob (Marc Fournier) has not said his last word.

“You are not at the end of your surprises!” Luc Dionne calls on the phone, adding that Jacob’s arrival “may be hiding a lot of things.”

“A tour de force”

Behind the scenes, we learned earlier this week that Aetios, the production company of Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau, had interrupted filming of the police drama three days earlier than expected due to a first case of COVID-19.

“Fabienne was not fooling: everyone has been tested and everyone is fine,” says Luc Dionne. I visited the plateau earlier this fall. Everyone followed the instructions. We had UV machines to contain even the slightest germ. It’s a feat they achieve every day. “

The shootings of District 31 are scheduled to resume on January 6. The series recorded an average of 1,850,000 viewers this fall, according to confirmed data from Numéris.

District 31 will return to ICI Télé on Monday January 4 at 7 p.m.

Reality meets fiction

You find that Patrick (Vincent-Guillaume Otis) and company lead the way in District 31 this autumn? This is nothing compared to the shenanigans in the Permanent Anti-Corruption Unit (UPAC), assures Luc Dionne.

“If I wrote a similar story in District 31, no one would believe it, that’s for sure! People would say I’m exaggerating, ”says the author and good friend of Guy Ouellette, the politician sloppily arrested by UPAC in 2017 and against whom no charges have been laid.


Luc Dionne admits: reality has joined fiction a few times in recent months. When we look at the lawsuit brought by Richard Despaties and Stéphane Bonhomme against Quebec, in which they allege they were wrongly targeted by UPAC, the parallels seem obvious. Leaking information, witch hunts, fabricating patterns … It looks like following a soap opera.

“I know the story of Despaties,” says Luc Dionne. It’s scary what they did to her! It makes no sense! And [Stéphane] Man, it’s 1000 times worse. It has so much nothing to do with it all. They’ve been “broken” to the bone. From A to Z. I hope one day the truth will come out. What you know is not even 10% of the story. The rest is vomiting. It makes your heart hurt, it’s scary. “

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