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Federal government could close for a short period this weekend if congressmen do not pass spending law

The National Archives was one of the many services affected by the 2018 government shutdown that began on December 22.


A brief government shutdown in the United States It’s possible over the weekend if lawmakers in Congress don’t pass a spending bill before midnight this Friday that allows public agencies to continue operating.

Senators like him Republican Whip John Thune they anticipated yesterday what has been repeated for months, which could not be approved before the deadline of this Friday additional long-term financing.

According to the South Dakota legislator, politicians are more likely to give way to a short-term continuity resolution to prevent the US government from running out of funds to operate than a long-term project.

“I know of people who are going to oppose this, who are going to want to maintain pressure on the process until we reach an agreement, because it will be difficult to pass a provisional spending law before midnight this Friday”, Thune told reporters yesterday.

Regarding the possibility of a partial closure or “shutdown”, the Republican indicated: “Government closures are never good. If it’s for a short time on the weekend, it won’t be as damaging; But having said that, the preferential route is to keep the Government open, and to do this, and to do it quickly ”.

For this to happen, bipartisan cooperation is required and all 100 senators agree to schedule the vote. However, once again partisan divisions complicate the picture.

Again, partisan differences

The CNN report points out that the Democrats do not favor the approval of a provisional measure since they think that exerting more pressure would be the means for both parties to reach a final agreement.

Republicans, for their part, believe they need more time, even days, to finalize the spending law that would imply an outlay of $ 1.4 billion.

The latest term for the discussion of the spending law is linked to the new economic stimulus package for coronavirus that the leaders of the US Congress also seek to approve before the end of the year.

The expectation is that both the spending law and the coronavirus stimulus law will be approved at the same time.

The possibility that the talks over new government financing will not come to a happy end would complicate the approval of a new stimulus package for coronavirus.

Talks on both issues continue this Friday in Washington DC.


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