Dubai PRO referred to court over alleged embezzlement at public entity

Dubai: Dubai Public Prosecution has referred a man to the criminal court for allegedly obtaining Dh44,600 from a government entity illegally, an official said on Thursday.

Senior Chief Prosecutor Salem Bin Khadem, at Public Funds Prosecution, said the accused, who worked as Public Relations Officer (PRO) for a public entity, used to follow up on the entity’s transactions with various government departments. The accused used to receive the money to complete the transactions and submit the receipts to the account department.

“He was working in the entity for eight months before the case was discovered. He was given Dh44,600 by the finance department but didn’t present the receipts of the transactions,” Prosecutor Bin Khadim said.

During investigation by the entity, the accused admitted to embezzling the money. “The investigation concluded that he caused other financial damages to the company because he did not clear the transactions, pay the labour fees and (process) staff visa applications.”

The accused will stand trial at Dubai Criminal Court for illegally obtaining the money.

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