Christien Savoie intends to bounce back in the middleweight

Five weeks after losing by triangular strangulation to American Bassil Hafez, Christien Savoie admits having had great difficulty digesting this first career defeat in mixed martial arts. To be honest, even though he claims to have moved on, he still retains a little bitter taste.

The 28-year-old Acadian, who was so far undefeated after three amateur duels and eight pro fights, lost to the Philadelphian in the fifth minute of the opening session. The stake of the match was the welterweight title of the Cage Fight Fury Championships (CFFC).

But more importantly, a victory would have also allowed him to knock on the door of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the most prestigious organization on the world stage of the combat sport.

“It was very difficult to swallow,” concedes the Saint-Jean athlete. I experienced a lot of emotions in the first days after the fight. I didn’t know how to deal with that. ”

“I still think I should have won this fight,” he said. I know I can beat him. My game plan on November 11 was to tire him out in the first round and then attack him in the second. Unfortunately, I made a big mistake early in the fight by letting him kick me to the floor with his ju-jitsu. I expected him to do that though. “

“Clearly I would react differently to his attack if we could start the fight again. Having said that, I have no excuse. That night he (Hafez) did beat me and I’m happy for him. It’s life. But that doesn’t stop me from being better than him, “said Savoie, who would love to meet the American for a rematch one day if the stars can line up.

But for that to happen, Hafez will have to decide to fight in the middleweight because it is now in that weight class that we will find Savoie.

“It will be easier for me to make the weight in this category. I was wasting too much energy on that trying to fight in welterweight. I was 169 pounds for the weigh-in and a week later I was 200 pounds. I will feel much better fighting in the middleweight (170 to 184.9 pounds). I’ll have more energy for the fighting. I won’t have to go through the stress of losing weight anymore. People can’t know how much it takes your energy to lose that much weight before a fight, ”he says.

“Sure guys are bigger and more powerful at the middleweight, but I will be too. And then I will bring my speed. I will be faster than the others. As I’ll be able to express myself more, that’s going to make me a better fighter. And for the height, even though there are guys 6 feet 2 inches and even taller, there are also some who are my height, “reveals the 5 feet 11 and a half fighter.

“And do you know what? By making the jump to under 185 pounds, it allows me to start from scratch. I have never lost in this category. My plan is to win two or three fights in order to regain the same status I had before my loss. My dream is to fight in the UFC and I’m going to get there before I’m 31, ”said Savoie, who plans to use his backhand against Hasef as a source of motivation.

Christien Savoie is hoping to fight his first fight in his weight class this spring, or early summer at the latest. Until then, he’ll be spending a good deal of his time adding muscle to his frame.


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