Breathtaking images are among winners in LightsFlare International Photography Awards

Breathtaking images are among winners in LightsFlare International Photography Awards

The wonders of the world: Breathtaking images from Mount Etna erupting smoke and the starry sky over Utah, are among winners in LightsFlare International Photography Awards


From starry skies over deserts to erupting volcanoes, this stunning array of images showcases the work of some of the world’s finest photographers.

The breathtaking pictures were captured by the winners of the prestigious 2020 LightsFlare International Photography Awards.

This year’s competition features workers harvesting dried fish in Kolkota, India, and a teacher posing for a selfie with a group of school children in the Middle East.

The diverse images also include a common tailorbird feeding an insect to its young near Jakarta, Indonesia, the vast starry sky in Utah, US, illuminating the rocky valley, and female students in Bangladesh.

‘The competition is a melting pot for people whose passion, interest, sense of beauty, and openness to diversity in photography collide in intergalactic proportions,’ the competition’s open call stated.

‘We seek to find artists and unique souls who breathe and live for creativity – catering to individuals actively engaged in experimentation and new trends in art.’

Workers harvest dried fish in Kolkota, India. The scene, which features thousands of small fish, was captured by Bangladeshi photographer Ashraful Islam Shimul, earning him the second-place runners up prize in the ‘Aerial / Drone’ category

A female student in Bangladesh looks back at the camera and smiles. Bangladeshi photographer Fakrul Islam, a teacher, captured the moment to celebrate the institution of education and promising female students. The image won the ‘Travel / Documentary /Street’ category

In a tender moment between a mother and her four chicks, a common tailorbird feeds an insect to its young, near Jakarta. Indonesian photographer Dikye Ariani won a first-place runners up prize in the ‘Wildlife / Macro’ category for the photograph

In a stunning image, the vast starry sky illuminates the rocky valley in Utah, US. Spanish photographer Julio Castro Pardo won the ‘Landscape / Cityscape’ category with this photo

A teacher from the Middle East takes a selfie with a group of smiling school children – who were all trying to fit in the shot. The picture was taken by Bangladeshi photographer Shahriar Farzana

Pictured: The colourful neon city was pictured by Bangladeshi photographer Sharmin Ahsan Bithi

In a stunning image, an isolated highway that traversed the incredible Icelandic landscape was pictured by Indian photographer Dipanjan Pal. The man-made road constrasts with the the blue waters and the yellow and grey land

In a breathtaking image, Volcano Etna in Sicily is pictured erupting smoke by Italian photographer Giuseppe Mario Famiani

In a vibrant image, children can be seen standing on long wooden stilts as they dance during a local festival in the Gia Lai province, Vietnam

Pictured: A man is seen walking past a wall adorned with Islamic calligraphy in the city of Mashhad, Iran

In an unusual image, men are pictured cooling down five 650-pound elephants in with water from a river in Bangladesh

Pictured: An olive-backed sunbird – a species common in gardens and parkland throughout Southern Asia – is captured feeding off a vibrant flower by Indonesian photographer Budi Gunawan

A mother and her child is pictured sleeping atop a wooden cart in the busy streets of Dhaka as people drive and walk past them

Pictured: A young man sits cross-legged atop of a moving train in the city of Dhaka. The image was captured by Bangladeshi photographer Mohammad Tasawar Islam who was given an honourable mention for his photo

A white egret stalks its prey as fish fly through the air in an attempt to avoid capture in Bangladesh

Pictured: A fascinating close-up image of a mole cricket reveals the intricate details of the creature was captured by photographer Marco Jongsma

In a stunning image, a kite bird looks as if it’s emerging from a pit of fire – but instead it is silhouetted against a sunset

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