Biden nominates a Native American for the first time as Home Secretary | The State

Haaland is a member of the Puerto of Laguna tribe of New Mexico.

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The Democratic Legislator Deb Haaland is President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Department of the Interior. It is a historic election in front of the administration of the country’s natural resources since, if the Senate confirms the election, she would be the first Native American to be the head of this department.

Haaland is a member of the Puerto of Laguna Tribe, New Mexico, and if she was Secretary of the Interior, she could promote a change in a portfolio that in its 171 years of history has had a complicated relationship with the 574 tribes of the country.

The current representative has promised to transform the department into an institution that promotes renewable energy and try to remit the climate emergency, As reported The Washington Post. Interior has been characterized, especially in recent years, by favoring the fossil fuel industry is now called to put the focus in the opposite direction.

The Department of the Interior, which manages one-fifth of the U.S. territory, will play a critical role in delivering on Biden’s promise to fight against global warming, one of the president-elect’s priorities.

Michael Regan as EPA Director

Another of the appointments in environmental matters that has taken place this Thursday is that of Michael Reagan as director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Reagan, who knows the body well, will be the first African American in leading it if the Upper House confirms his nomination.

At the head of the EPA, Regan will have ahead deliver on Biden’s promises to combat the climate crisis and launch an agenda based on non-polluting energy, according to Efe. You will also need to design the standards for avoid vehicle emissions and monitor pollution from oil and gas plants, among others.


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