Rules for transporting animals to Northern Ireland and the EU to change after Brexit

The innovations will come into force on January 1, 2021

From January 1, 2021, new rules for the transport of pets to Northern Ireland and the European Union will come into force, The Guardian reports. Regular UK pet passports will expire after the end of the Brexit transition period.

UK residents traveling with dogs, cats and ferrets will need to obtain an animal health certificate (AHC) no earlier than 10 days prior to travel.

In addition, each pet must have its own microchip. At least 21 days before the trip, the pet needs to be vaccinated against rabies, and the dogs should also be treated for tapeworms, if any in the body.

A separate certificate is issued for each animal, which must be signed by the veterinarian.

On arrival in the EU, pet owners will be required to enter through a Special Travel Entry Point (TPE).

The rules for transporting animals from Northern Ireland and EU countries to the UK remain unchanged, according to the government’s website.

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