Desperate Resignation of a Denny’s Employee by Customers Who Refused to Wear a Mask | The State

There are who Despite the pandemic, they must leave home every day to earn their daily bread, And without the work of those people, surely in these times, our lives would be a complete chaos.

It is for them that we should follow the letter lthe recommendations given by health personnel to avoid contagion of coronavirus; however, there are people who are not really aware of the issue.

One case of these was exposed on social networks, where An employee of the Denny’s chain exploded due to the lack of empathy shown by some clients, to such an extent that she decided to give up her job.

In the video, two men are seen arguing with the employee that they could be inside the premises without a mask, arguing a “religious exemption” and even enacted a law that was passed in the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

The waitress, totally desperate, drops the menus on a table and says the following:

The clearly frustrated employee drops her menus on an adjacent table and utters the following: “Roger, I no longer work for this my # $ & da! These guys don’t wear masks. I’m sick of feeling like this! “

Immediately, the restaurant manager came out to defend his employee and told diners that the policy in these times is not to give service to those who do not wear masks.

Finally, the 2 men left the place, upset, saying: “don’t believe everything the media says.”

The users of the networks turned to offer their support to the girl, applauding the way in which she acted in such a situation.


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