Alexa Dellanos shows off her legs and hips sunbathing in a bikini flossing | The State

The eroticism and sensuality of the pretty Alexa dellanos It appeared again in a recent high-impact publication that the young woman took advantage of to share on her Instagram account.

On this occasion, the daughter of the driver Myrka Dellanos left her more than two million followers with their mouths open after uploading some snapshots where she is seen sunbathing and showing off her legs and hips in a black floss bikini at the edge of a luxurious swimming pool.

“Only thing you can take from me is notes,” he wrote as a caption in the series of five photos that in a few hours have collected thousands of ‘likes’ and hundreds of compliments.

(Swipe to see the postcards)

Previously, the model also caused a stir on the social network with another pink bikini that left little to the imagination due to the smallness of her thong.


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