Tom Cruise’s history of outbursts – From that Oprah moment to blasting MI7 crew

Tom Cruise must be incredibly frustrated by all the delays Covid has brought to the seventh Mission: Impossible movie.

An expletive-ridden audio recording of him blasting the crew for breaking rules on the set has emerged.

But it’s far from the first time we’ve seen this kind of outburst from the 58-year-old actor, who plays Ethan Hunt in the franchise.

Here, we take a look back at some famous Tom Cruise moments from over the years…

The Mission: Impossible rant

Tom was heard in an audio recording unleashing a furious tirade on crew members after they flouted Covid rules and health and safety measures put in place on the set.

Mission: Impossible has been filming in the UK and Europe amid the coronavirus pandemic

The actor, who also produces the movies, lost his temper when he allegedly spotted two members of the crew standing less than two metres away from each other.

He shouted at the pair, hurling expletives at them as he accused them of jeopardising not just the movie, but the entire world of Hollywood.

In the audio, published by The Sun, he yells: “I don’t ever wanna see it again, ever! And if you don’t do it you’re fired, and I see you do it again you’re f**king gone.

“And if anyone on this crew does it that’s it, and you too and you too. And you, don’t you ever f**king do it again. That’s it! No apologies.”

That Oprah moment

Way back in 2005, Tom famously expressed his love for Katie Holmes on Oprah Winfrey ‘s chat show in a way that’s gone down in history.

The second Oprah mentioned Katie, Tom grabbed hold of her hands and beamed a huge smile.

He jumped up on his feet and excitedly pumped his fists in the air, before dropping down to his knees and tapping the floor.

Tom got excited on Oprah when asked about Katie Holmes

“That’s how I feel about it,” he said.

“I’m in love,” he added before he burst out laughing.

When Oprah told him she’d never seen him behave this way before, he jumped up on the couch like an excited puppy.

After not very much encouragement, Tom rushed backstage to grab his new girlfriend and bring her out onto the stage.

The moment went down in history

Tom later said he regretted his outburst on the show after receiving backlash for it.

He once told The Mirror: “Going through that stuff is not pleasant and I think it hit an extreme, but Kate’s a very sure and confident and strong woman.

“You just learn from it and move on. I have a blessed life because I have a happy family and children that I adore and everyone knows how I feel about Kate. It just brought us even closer together.”

The chipped cup incident

Former Scientologist Leah Remini claimed in her tell-all book that Tom, an outspoken advocate for the church, once lost it when he was handed a mug of tea that had a chip in the rim.

Tom with ex-wife Katie and their daughter Suri

She claims that he ranted at his assistant: “You served me tea in a chipped mug? Do you know who gets served with a mug that’s chipped? F**king DBs.”

DB is said to be Scientology shorthand for the derogatory term ‘Degraded Being’, which refers to someone who is infested with evil spirits.

Sharing a hotel room with Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe claimed that Tom once “went ballistic” after learning that the two of them had been booked to share the same hotel room.

Rob says it happened when Tom was 18 and yet to become the huge Hollywood star he is today.

Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise, and Emilio Estevez

According to Rob, the bosses on their movie The Outsiders thought it would be a good idea to house the cast together in a New York City hotel so they could assess the chemistry between them.

Rob said on podcast Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard: “All of the LA people survived the LA auditions, and then the hand-picked people had to go to New York to face the New York version; so it was me and Tom Cruise and Emilio and C. Thomas Howell.

“We check-in and Tom finds out that we’re sharing a room and just goes ballistic … I mean it made me laugh, it was gnarly.”

The Outsiders starred Patrick Swayze, Matt Dillon, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Ralph Macchio, Thomas C. Howell, and Tom Cruise

He said his story shows that Tom’s confidence has always been high.

He added: “To me, what’s great about the story is, there’s certain people who have always been who they are, and that element of them has powered them to where they are today and the rest is history.

“And the notion that an 18-year-old actor with a walk-on part in Endless Love… could have that kind of like wherewithal.

“I remember going, ‘Wow, this guy is the real deal’.”

Arguing on NBC’s Today

In 2005, Tom engaged in an argument with Matt Lauer during an appearance on NBC’s Today.

The actor had previously publicly slammed Brooke Shields for promoting medication to deal with postpartum depression.

Tom argued with Matt Lauer

During the interview, Matt said to him: “I’m not prescribing Ritalin, Tom, and I’m not asking anyone else to do it.”

The tension between them grew and Tom fired back: “I’ve never agreed with psychiatry, ever. Before I was a Scientologist I never agreed with psychiatry, and when I started studying the history of psychiatry, I understood more and more why I didn’t believe in psychology.

“As far as the Brooke Shields thing, look, you have to understand, I really care about Brooke Shields – she’s a wonderful and talented woman, and I want her to do well, and I know psychiatry is a pseudoscience.”

Insisting that psychiatric drugs do nothing but “mask the problem”, Tom went on: “The thing that I’m saying about Brooke is that there’s misinformation, okay. And she doesn’t understand the history of psychiatry. She doesn’t understand in the same way that you don’t understand it, Matt.”

Hysterically laughing on Letterman

Tom’s 1999 interview on Late Night with David Letterman was so outrageous that Christian Bale later said he based his portrayal of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho on it.

He was telling the host about a time he was flying a plane and had to go onto oxygen when he and the co-pilot figured out that if they turned off the oxygen for the passenger in the back that they’d be able to make it at the altitude they were at.

“It wasn’t dangerous or anything you know,” he said laughing hysterically.

He could barely tell his story for laughing on Letterman

When asked what happened to the person in the back, Tom doubled over in laughter as he said the man went “quiet” and “fell asleep”.

“He slept the whole way,” he said.

Letterman jokingly told Tom he was “lucky” he wasn’t doing time for attempted manslaughter after turning the man’s oxygen off.

Tom, who could barely tell the story for laughing, said the man eventually woke up and said that his hands were tingling.

Shouting at a ‘reporter’

As Tom walked the red carpet in London for the premiere of War of the Worlds, he got into an altercation with a man who was posing as a reporter after he squirted the actor in the face with a water gun disguised as a microphone.

A man posing as a reporter squirted Tom with a water gun

It was reported at the time that Tom appeared to laugh at first before becoming angry and asking: “Why would you do that?”

He went on: “Do you like thinking less of people, is that it?”

The prankster tried to walk away but Tom reached across the metal barrier and held onto his arm, saying: “Don’t run away. That’s incredibly rude. I’m here giving you an interview and you do that. It’s incredibly rude.”

The actor wasn’t happy

Growing increasingly irritated, he told the man: “You’re a jerk.”

Police detained the man who squirted Tom and arrested three other men who filmed the incident.

They were working on a comedy show for Channel 4 which targeted celebrities with practical jokes. They were later released and Channel 4 apologised to the actor, saying it was meant to be a “light-hearted comedy prank”.

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