The spectacular bikini body of Elsa Pataky, the woman who conquered Thor | The State

The actress Elsa Pataky has been sighted on the beaches closest to the town of Byron Bay (Australia), where she has lived since 2014 with her husband, Chris Hemsworth, and his three offspring, enjoying an intense day of surfing and, of course, showing that he is in extraordinary shape at 44 years old.

It should not be surprising to see the Madrid interpreter immersed in such a summery discipline, since Christmas in the southern country is defined precisely by high temperatures and, also, because both Elsa and her family have always liked to practice maritime sports when it occasion allows it. In fact, there are many videos that the artist or her husband have shared in recent years to show off the skills their offspring have acquired in this regard.

Likewise, and although in this summer context it is more desirable to head to the coast, Elsa, Chris, India Rose and the twins Tristan and Sasha have not neglected their love of horse riding and horses in general, especially after receiving a new member of their family a few weeks ago, a foal named Akoha whom the artist herself helped to emerge from the womb of his mother.

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