Reconfinement: Quebec will limit large chains to only sell essential products

The government will require chains like Costco, Walmart, Lowe’s and Canadian Tire to limit themselves to the sale of essentials between December 25 and January 11 in order to avoid “unfair competition” with retailers forced to shut down. new containment.

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“It will be prohibited for supermarkets to sell goods that are not essential. This will allow fairness with small Quebec businesses ”, confirmed Tuesday, Prime Minister François Legault, specifying that France has used, among other things, this strategy.

Pharmacies, food retailers, garages, pet stores and hardware stores will therefore be able to remain open to sell essential goods to consumers.

Some large chains will be forced to close sections in their store. Over the past few days, according to our information, government officials have had discussions with certain brands to warn them of the tightening of measures.

Unlike Manitoba, Quebec does not plan, at least for the moment, to put together a list of products that can still be sold during this new period of hiatus.

Products considered essential should be used in particular for “repair”, “food” or “hygiene”, “health” and “safety”.

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Last spring, during the first lockdown, several traders, such as SAIL and La Cordée, denounced in the media the fact that some large chains could continue to sell all of their stock when they had to close their doors.

The Quebec Retail Council (CQCD) even supported, in April, the idea of ​​closing certain sections of non-essential big-box stores in order to help local merchants.

On Tuesday, the leadership of the CQCD described the government’s new measures as “bad for good”. However, she is worried about the length of the break. The organization fears it will be phased out after January 11, which could lead to further closures.

“Closing non-essential businesses will be more equitable, as multi-category stores will have to limit access to essentials only. A very important nuance for many of our retailers, ”greeted CQCD Director General Stéphane Drouin.

In order to mitigate the financial impacts caused by this new lockdown, several retailers are hoping the government will allow U-pick services to remain open.

Authorized businesses

Only the following businesses will be authorized to continue their activities from December 25, 2020 to January 10, 2021 inclusive:

  • Animal feed and supply stores
  • Stores of medical, orthopedic and vision care products
  • Work equipment shops (safety and protection)
  • Household cleaning products and buildings
  • Trade in products, parts and other materials required for transportation and logistics services (garages for repair only, no dealer sales)
  • Trade in products for agricultural operations (mechanics, fertilizers, etc.)
  • Businesses offering computer and electronic equipment repair services
  • Convenience Stores
  • Grocery stores and other food stores
  • Big box stores
    • Note that only the sale of essential products, generally sold in businesses included in this list, is authorized. Operators should ensure that they put in place the necessary measures to prevent the access and sale of other products.
  • Pharmacies
  • Hardware stores
    • Note that only the sale of essential hardware products will be authorized during this period. Operators should ensure that they put in place the necessary measures to prevent the access and sale of other products.
  • Repair and rental of sports and outdoor equipment
  • Quebec Alcohol Corporation (SAQ)
  • Quebec Cannabis Society (SQDC).
  • Pick-up remains permitted only for businesses authorized to continue their activities.

*** Source: Government of Quebec ***

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