Lily James and Sebastian Stan ‘to play Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’ in drama

Lily James is shedding her period drama persona to play ‘90s icon Pamela Anderson in a new miniseries that is also said to feature Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee.

The 31-year-old British actress is know for her star turn in TV shows and movies set in the past such as Downton Abbey, War & Peace and Rebecca.

Now she’s leaving the corsets and period costumes behind for the sizzling delights of the 1990s to portray Pamela Anderson in a drama that will document the ‘90s life of the Canadian acting legend and her explosive romance with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.

Captain America star Sebastian Stan, 38, is reportedly playing Tommy – with the drama set to include all the details of the sex tape leak scandal that rocked Hollywood in 1995.

Lily James has landed a role as Pamela Anderson in a drama about the actress’s romance with Tommy Lee

Deadline reports: “Lily James and Sebastian Stan are on board to play former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee in a new limited series for Hulu going by the working title Pam & Tommy.

“The rockstar couple’s relationship dominated the tabloids for years, including the scandal of when their sex tape from their honeymoon was stolen and leaked to the public.

“Seth Rogen is on board to play the man who stole the tape.”

Sebastian Stan is to play Tommy and be reunited with I, Tonya director Craig Gillespie

The series is to be helmed by Australian director Craig Gillespie – who wrote and directed I, Tonya which was critically acclaimed, scooped multiple awards, and was revered for it’s gritty retelling of the life of American figure skater, Tonya Harding, which also starred Sebastian.

Deadline’s report also states that, while the sex tape scandal will be a large focus of the drama, the relationship between Tommy and Pamela will be explored.

The couple tied-the-knot back in 1995 after reportedly dating for just 96 hours before hand.

Pammy and Tommy are the ultimate icons of the 1990s

The infamous sex tape was made during their honeymoon – with a legal battle launched after the footage was stolen and circulated online.

The couple sued video distribution company Internet Entertainment Group before reaching a settlement agreement.

Pamela and Tommy are reportedly not involved in the making of the Hulu drama about their lives.

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