A very intense year for Isabelle Blais

Isabelle Blais had a strong year 2020, reconciling three major shoots (Miscellaneous, The Escape, Black beast), in addition to caring for her ailing dad, for whom she recently spoke publicly.

“It has not been an easy year, although I have been very blessed. I can not complain. It was a long time since I had worked so much … Even if, in this context, it was a bit strange, ”admits laughing the actress, who does not hide having found“ restrictive ”the measures of distancing physics on film sets.


Fans of off-beat police investigations Miscellaneous will be delighted to meet Isabelle Blais’s Constance Forest this Thursday, in the fourth and final chapter of the series, on ICI Tou.tv Extra.

This time, it is a bullet received by a mariachi performing in a Latin bar, possibly the work of the Mexican cartel established in Mascouche, which opens hostilities and puts Constance and her colleagues on the trail of a new case, where other bikers and intellectual radio columnist will meet.

Simon Lacroix, Éric Bruneau and Dominique Leduc, among others, shine in this new opus by author Joanne Arseneau. Once again, Constance wears her first name well, precisely representing stability in the somewhat murky world and the incredible situations staged by director Stéphane Lapointe.

“She’s the normal girl, the ‘straight woman’. It is a little through my eyes that the spectator looks at the plot and seeks to understand, ”portrays Isabelle Blais, explaining that her character, this year, will complete the battle with the love triangle that links her to the two dads. of his children (Patrick Hivon and Émile Proulx-Cloutier).

End announced

This fall, Isabelle Blais was also Kim Labonté, a tormented mom blamed for mistreating her young child in The Escape.

Announced with great fanfare last summer, at the same time as the arrival of other actors (her lover Pierre-Luc Brillant, Chantal Fontaine, Sylvain Marcel, etc.), the actress’s stay in Sainte-Alice-de-Rimouski will ultimately have been (beware, discloser) that a quick passage, since Kim will have experienced a distressing death even before the holiday break. A parenthesis which nevertheless allowed him to embody a whole range of emotions.

“I knew it from the start,” says Isabelle. I knew it was going to be intense and completely different. I had been warned that my character would die and that it would be very tragic. And it tempted me to go through that, to have something very intense to play, that would end quickly. It was “heavy,” but personally that’s the kind of challenge I like. “

Finally, in Black beast, Sophie Deraspe’s series that Séries Plus will relay in March, Isabelle personifies the mother of a young criminal (Zachary Auclair) who tries to understand the reasons for the actions of her son.

Cry of the heart

In her personal life, the singer in the band As in a Movie, faced the limitations of the healthcare system, and lamented it on social media last week.

In a long cry from the heart, Isabelle Blais explained that her dad, suffering from Lewy body disease (which recently killed pianist André Gagnon), has often been relocated in the last months, in the turmoil of the pandemic.

On two occasions, Yvon Blais found himself in private residences, where we promised to be able to take care of his special needs. But in both places this was not the case, and the man alternated between periods in residences and transfers to the hospital, each time interspersed with a preventive fortnight which largely affected his condition. Locked in, left to himself, he even went so far as to break down a door to show his discomfort.

Fortunately, as soon as she took to social media, Isabelle Blais was heard. Today, her dad is living in a CHSLD in Mauricie, an environment that suits him more for the moment.

“That same evening his door was opened and an attendant was taking care of him. Without the media, would the situation have changed? I can not say it. I didn’t want to call anyone bad, but I wanted us to do what was possible. The people who work in the system are themselves at their wit’s end, and it seems that no one dares to say what doesn’t look good, ”says Isabelle, who claims to have received tons of messages from stories similar to this one. from his father since his declaration.

The fourth and final season of Miscellaneous will be available this Thursday, December 17, on ICI Tou.tv Extra.

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