The moving reaction of an elderly woman with dementia when she recognized her daughter’s voice | The State

One of the population groups that are suffering the most from the coronavirus pandemic are the elderly, since in addition to being vulnerable to COVID-19, they must remain isolated at home, away from their activities and above all, from their loved ones.

There are those who believe that stress, anxiety and depression could wreak worse or worse in older adults than the virus itself.

An example of this is the story of an old British woman named Rita Hookway, who for a while She lives in a nursing home for the elderly, as she requires special care since she suffers from dementia.

Rita He is 94 years old and one of his daughters named Jane He decided that to make life in the nursing home more bearable, he would visit her every day.

The pandemic forced them to stop seeing each other from one day to the next, which affected the health of Hookway, whose dementia problem has had a notable advance in these months. “He was a very happy person, always smiling … Now his eyes are closed 99% of the time and he says very few words,” said his daughter in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Last July, the people at the nursing home allowed Jane and her sister to visit their mother once every 15 days, only for 20 minutes and safeguarding a healthy distance. So the daughter decided to communicate with her mother every day through a video call, which is titanic for Rita because it is difficult for her to remain lucid most days.

However, Jane released a video of a video call where her mother managed to have an incredible reaction when she recognized her voice. The old woman kept her eyes closed and upon hearing Jane, she quickly opens them and begins to cry.

“I hadn’t wanted to share this with the world, I don’t like to see my mother like this. But I needed to share it, I had been eating, “said Jane to the aforementioned medium.


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