Georgina Rodríguez enjoys a walk in the countryside with the offspring of Cristiano Ronaldo | The State

Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Tullio M. Puglia / Getty Images

The model Georgina Rodriguez He has enjoyed a magical and typically autumn weekend with the four offspring he raises with the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, as she herself has shown in her latest Instagram posts. The mannequin and its four ‘loves’, Christian Junior, Alana martina and the twins Eve and Matthew, they temporarily left the city of Turin to breathe fresh air and, incidentally, to stay in a majestic country house that has served as an unbeatable backdrop for an elegant photo session.

In one of these prints, Georgina and the children appear very smiling while they play with the endless deciduous leaves that cover the forest as if it were a brown mantle. “With their smiles they beautify our lives”, has pointed out the presenter also full of pride and maternal happiness.

In the most recent of the images you have shared, The Mallorcan brings out her most elegant and sexy side when she appeared in the living room of the house, dressed only in an intense red bodysuit. The pose that he displays on the living room sofa, which is already decorated with Christmas motifs, is more than worthy of any fashion magazine cover. And it is not for less, since Georgina has tagged in the publication one of the fashion firms of which she acts as an ambassador in the virtual sphere. “Loving oneself is the beginning of an eternal love story,” he pointed out in the description.

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