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A second stimulus check could still be approved before the year is out

The second stimulus check may be smaller than the first.

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On the latest negotiations for a new relief package, it is known that A bipartisan group of lawmakers has been working for weeks to pass a $ 908 billion relief package for coronavirus relief, much of which has been agreed to by lawmakers.

However, Republican Senate leaders noted that they will not accept any proposals from the bipartisan group on two issues in particular: funding for state and local aid, and the kind of legal protections to provide businesses, schools and other entities operating during the pandemic. .

This likely means that Democrats will have to decide whether to accept a less-money relief package – that is, without those provisions.

It should be noted that the bipartisan group’s proposal includes aid for the unemployed, but does not include funds for a second stimulus check.

The initial round of stimulus check payments was estimated to cost $ 292 billion through 2021, but the White House has pressed Republicans to seek a new round of checks, and the Trump administration made its own offer last Tuesday that included checks. of stimulus of $ 600 dollars per person.

So far, it is possible that a second stimulus check will be approved before the end of the year, since Senate Majority Leader John Thune said this past Friday that One option would be to approve a relief package that had a second stimulus check, but did not include state and local funding and liability protections, as reported in The Wall Street Journal.

In addition, he suggested that, to keep the cost of the relief package low, stimulus checks could be less expensive than the first ones. That is, they are less than $ 1,200.

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