State Assistance to Renegotiate Small Business Leases | The State

Faced with the difficult situation in the small business community due to rental defaults, the state of New York has launched a program to have help to assist entrepreneurs and landlords.

This is the New York Forward Small Business Lease Assistance in partnership with the New York State Bar Association and the non-profit organization that supports small businesses, Start Small Think Big.

The assistance is probono and is about helping both parties to the business agreement to have a mutually beneficial outcome, usually the modification of a rental agreement.

Many of the small entrepreneurs in the state and especially in the city are having difficulties paying the rent and the bills with which to keep open premises for which there is less business due to the effect of the pandemic. The aid is expected to reach thousands of businesses across the state.

There is currently a moratorium on evictions but it expires at the end of the year and without knowing if there is a place for a commercial activity or not, it is very difficult to plan the operation of a business. For many of these, those in the restaurant and bar sector, the future is also complicated by having to close the internal service, which was already restricted to 25% of the capacity of the premises, as of Monday.

The Assistance Partnership has on its website information on the renegotiation process and the possibilities of reaching different agreements. Those interested in these grants are encouraged to complete a form and be given access to a volunteer attorney with whom they can meet.

The website is


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