Evermore: two in two for Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wasn’t going to let the infamous 2020 get away without giving us another chance to have some fond memories. Five months after the album’s surprisingly successful foray into indie pop-folk land Folklore, the star does it again with the same quality standards on Evermore.

With a few details, the recipe is the same.

In a soundscape inviting introspection, miles from pop cut for stadiums, Taylor Swift mainly remakes team with Aaron Dessner, of the group The National, as well as with, for a few titles, Jack Antonoff and William Bowery, the pseudonym of her lover, Joe Alwyn.

More homogeneous, but also captivating, Evermore turns out to be an admirable sequel to Folklore.

While the latter relied more on bearer securities such as Cardigan, Betty or The Last Great American Dynasty, Evermore reveals its charms in a comforting languor barely shaken by brief reminders of country cycles (succulent No Body, No Crime, with two of the girls from HAIM, recounting a love triangle that ends in two murders) and commercial pop (Gold rush) of his star.

The lyricist shines

While deepening his pop-folk musical explorations, the fifteen songs of ’Evermore (17 in the deluxe edition) are above all an opportunity for the lyricist Taylor Swift to shine with all her lights.

On this ninth album, she blurs more and more the border between autobiography and fiction while remaining faithful to her favorite theme: complicated loves.

A rejected marriage proposal (Champagne Problems), unfaithfulness (Ivy), the end of a long relationship (Happiness), ephemeral reunions (‘Tis The Damn Season) all attest to a feather that is continually maturing and an above average sense of formula.

The question now is whether Taylor Swift has now toured her indie garden. Will she return to big-scale pop or will she surprise us again by venturing where we least expect her?

The more cerebral electro textures of Long Story Short and especially of Closure, at the end of the album, would they be, in this regard, a convincing clue or a simple anecdote without follow-up?

There is no doubt that the sequel will be interesting.

♦ Evermore by Taylor Swift ★★★★ ☆

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