Stacey Solomon accused of breaking Covid rules – but she did nothing wrong

Stacey Solomon has been accused of breaking Covid restrictions in her home but it turns out she has done absolutely nothing wrong.

The 31-year-old Loose Women panelist was celebrating Hannukah with her three children, when they were joined by her nieces.

Stacey had explained earlier that she celebrates both Christmas and the Jewish festival due to her mum being raised Christian before converting to Judaism to marry Stacey’s dad.

There was much laughter in the house when Santa Claus made a flying visit to the house, while doing a tour before the big day, right in the middle of Stacey’s Jewish celebrations.

Santa visits Stacey Solomon and children

There were complaints to The Mirror that a video she posted to her Instagram Story of the moment that Santa arrived had shown that she had broken Covid rules.

Stacey is seen waving to Father Christmas as the children gather at the door way.

She captioned the scene: “We weren’t expecting that! My nieces are here too because my sister and brother in law are working so it was even more special… Now for Chanukah dinner.”

Stacey Solomon celebrates both Jewish and Christian traditions

Stacey was then falsely accused of ‘mixing households’ due to her sister’s children being with her.

It states in the Covid restrictions for Tier 2, which covers where Stacey lives, that “households are not allowed to mix indoors in private homes.”

There are exemptions though and this is what applies to Stacey in this instance, as the mixing is permitted for “childcare” reasons.

With her nieces being there due to her sister and brother-in-law working, it means that there is no case to answer for Stacey.

Not that this has dampened her spirits, as Stacey continued to share her enjoyment of the day.

Stacey Solomon’s children celebrate the Jewish tradition

Using the traditional spelling, she wrote on Instagram: “Look who’s popped by for a visit on the first night of Chanukah.

“I’m laughing so much, love you Santa.”

In another video, her 12-year-old son Zachary can be heard expressing how he wants to be an elf in the North Pole.

Stacey shared: “Not a traditional Chanukah evening, but the more traditions the merrier I say!”

The Mirror has contacted Stacey’s reps for comment.

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