Lele Pons scores another triumph and sings it saying “Christmas, Christmas, Christmas” in a very sexy way | The State

The influencer Lele pons makes the news again but not for any of his funny videos on Instagram but for bringing up a Christmas theme through the platform Amazon Music LAT! N. The song chosen by the businesswoman was the song “Let it Snow (Christmas, Christmas, Christmas) “, a classic of the season.

The 24-year-old Venezuelan put a personal touch on it and started singing in English and Spanish. In addition, he gave it an urban touch, a genre that he assures is his favorite. “All my playlist is full of reggaeton although I also listen to other things. That’s the music I like “he said in an interview he gave us.

Lele She remembers that her mother used to sing a song for her when she was little for this time and also collects very beautiful moments with her family spending the holidays Puerto Rico. Let’s remember that the influencer is the niece of the renowned Puerto Rican singer, Chayanne. This confirms his connection to music from an early age. “I’ve always sung, I really like it. I don’t play any instrument, but I greatly admire those who have dedicated years of study to it. It really is something very difficult “. He also added that today musicians must have constancy as a premise. “If it’s not a song or two or three, it doesn’t matter! you must keep bringing up topics, working and insisting ”.

With “Let it Snow (Christmas, Christmas, Christmas)” aims to “Give a little bit of joy to everyone in this hard year ”. Through Amazon Music LAT! N and, in conjunction with the well-known Christmas song “Merry Christmas” from Jose Feliciano and with the duo Jesse & Joy, who cover the theme “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (I wish you very happy holidays)”, these artists meet Charity Lists and Wish Lists of 8 organizations in U.S Y Mexico.

There’s no doubt Lele pons She does not stop working and, if it is about taking risks, she is at the top of the list, so it is almost certain that this will become another success for one of the most important Hispanic inlfuencers of today.

We invite you to listen to the song “Let it Snow (Christmas, Christmas, Christmas)” clicking here and we leave the video below so you can also enjoy it.

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