“Everything is possible with God ahead”: Carolina Sandoval celebrates that her little Amalia Victoria is cured | The State

The former Venezuelan driver, Carolina sandoval, has shared his immense happiness to see his daughter healthy and very happy after long years of treatments and a couple of surgeries.

“Have faith that everything is possible with God ahead”, I invite all his followers with great optimism and with the living proof of his words. The poisonous woman released the news in networks that her youngest daughter, Amalia Victoria, had attended the ophthalmologist and was finally discharged.

He also thanked God immensely because now you only have to accompany your daughter in the fulfillment of her treatment but fortunately he will not undergo any more surgeries. He confirmed that Amalia Victoria she has been definitively cured of the problem that afflicted her since birth.

And … what did Amalia have?

“I went to Amalia Victoria’s ophthalmologist and I am so happy, so grateful to God that I cannot explain to them that this is happiness for me. That my daughter is cured of the problem of her tear I cannot explain to them that that for me is like a national holiday! “the Venezuelan gratefully and happily confessed.

Their joy and gratitude is immense, and it is no wonder, any mother would be happy to know that her little girl will not have more complications in her health for now.. “I close the year with a flourish”, were the words that Carolina said to show that this 2020 was not all bad news.

Amalia has had surgery twice, the first occasion was in March 2019 where the whole family accompanied the little girl in this process. However, this time it couldn’t be that way due to the quarantine, She only attended the operating room and while the baby was transferred by the medical team, she burst into tears in the hospital bathroom.

Fortunately everything went well and A short time later, the youngest could be seen enjoying life at home. For now there will be no further complications and you should only be under observation and follow the treatment indicated by the doctor.


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