Stimulus checks of $ 600, the differences between the new proposal of the White House and the previous one | The State

The offer is on the table: $ 600 to individuals per stimulus check and $ 1,200 to couples.

The new White House proposal announced yesterday provides for half the minimum amount included in other drafts. The plan does not mention additional funds for dependents.

Secretary of the Treasury Department Steven Mnuchin, made the offer yesterday afternoon at Speaker of the Majority in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Mnuchin reached out to Pelosi after a call with Republican congressmen, iincluding Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Although the details available on the package are minimal, House Republican Vice President Kevin McCarthy cited the above figures.

Half of what the CARES law provided

Under the CARES law, passed in Congress last March, some 160 million Americans received stimulus payments as of last month.

The amount distributed to individuals is double what is provided in the new White House plan: specifically, $ 1,200 per individuals and up to $ 2,400 per couple. Regarding credits for dependents, a payment of $ 500 was established for each one up to a maximum of three.

Prior to this announcement by the Donald Trump Administration, the president had announced a “tremendous” package for post-election.

However, what was announced by Mnuchin ceases to be tremendous to be conservative.

And the 1,000 extra for Trump dependents?

When Mnuchin was still in talks with Pelosi before November 3, it was publicly known that Trump supported a stimulus bill that included minimum checks of $ 1,200 and up to $ 1,000 per dependents. The $ 1,000 figure was double what was approved under the CARES Act. Most of the pieces of legislation filed by Republicans after the aforementioned had $ 500 per dependent.

At the moment, a majority of Democrats and Republicans support the bipartisan stimulus bill presented in the Senate that does not include a second round of direct payments.

Last week, Pelosi said she supported that draft as a starting point for passing a new stimulus package this week before the December 11 deadline to make way for a new spending law that avoids a government shutdown.

McConnell has expressed reservations with the proposal, which is supported by members of both delegations.


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