Singer Jewel ‘barely aged a day’ in two decades as she makes rare TV appearance

Jewel has stunned fans in a rare TV appearance, as she showed that she has barely aged in more than two decades.

The 46-year-old singer was once one of the most successful artists of the mid-1990s, with her folk songs chiming with the masses and her beautiful looks making her one of the most photographed singers of the time.

As quickly as she rose to public attention, Jewel soon slipped from the spotlight and people’s minds as she found the burden of fame too much, so disappeared back into the shadows.

She hit the peak of her fame in 1995, when her debut album Pieces of You became a ‘must have’ and the singer went on to sell more than 27 million albums during her career.

Viewers of Channel Nine’s Today show in Australia were delighted to see her appear for a rare interview on Wednesday.

Jewel has hardly changed in the past 20 years

She was reflecting on her stellar career on the 25th anniversary of her debut album and viewers were loving the singer’s model looks as she showed that the years have passed by with barely effect on her stunning looks.

The singer, whose full name is Jewel Kilcher, spoke about her rise to fame and how she turned to songwriting after a disturbing turn of events had left her homeless and penniless.

Jewel said: “I got discovered when I was homeless. I was living in my car because I wouldn’t have sex with my boss and he wouldn’t give me my pay cheque.”

Jewel, pictured in 1996, has sold 27 million albums

She continued: “I turned to songwriting to break a habit of shoplifting. I was shoplifting, mostly food.

“I realised I would end up in jail or dead if I didn’t do something about it.”

She added: “That record was medicine for me. I never thought I would get to be able to be a songwriter for a living.

“The record was considered a failure in the first year, then Bob Dylan took me on tour with him.”

Singer Jewel at the height of her fame in the 90s

Jewel continued: “He believed in what I did, went over my songs and asked me why I wrote certain lyrics.

“I thought if nobody else in the world liked my songs except Bob that was good!”

Jewel admitted that she wrote most her debut album while living in her car but the album then went on to sell more than 12 millions copies in the US alone, and her life was changed forever.

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