Dominican elderly man denounces death threats from his son due to inheritance from the deceased mother | The State

A Dominican father denounced before the television cameras that his son threatened to kill him and that he would not allow him to enter his own home.

“A son of mine who is a criminal, a human rat, changed the lock on his apartment, on the front door, and he won’t let me in. All my belongings are there, clothes, medicines, the device to take (the level) of sugar ”, he complained this week José Francisco Guzmán, resident in the Olympic Village of San Francisco de Macorís.

“I am diabetic and sick with (blood) pressure, and he won’t let me in. I want Justice to get it out of there ”, alleged the old man.

The father added that his son, who bears the same name, has not even wanted to hand over his belongings.

“He came here to denounce me, he told me that he is going to kill me, that he is going to bankrupt me, that he is going to ‘crash’ me …”, assured the man.

“The one who has to get out is him, because that’s mine,” insisted the father, who showed Telenord the documents that prove him as the owner.

According to the father’s version, the dispute began when his wife and José Francisco’s mother died and left them the ownership of the house.

“He has part because of his mother who died, and the other children too, because he is not alone. He says that if that is sold, you have to give him half of what I have, ”Guzmán argued.

By the way, the father called the son lazy because he has never worked.

“He has never worked, he is lazy. He is 50 years old and has never worked, ”insisted the interviewee.


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