Pervert aviation executive arrested in New York for hiring girls for sex | The State

Pervert aviation executive arrested in New York for hiring girls for sex

Paul alexander

NY State Criminal Justice / Courtesy

Paul Alexander, a convicted sex offender who ran a small private jet company, was arrested for allegedly attempting to sell sex with two underage girls to an undercover agent, the New York Attorney General’s Office said.

Alexander (57), executive of “Central Jet Charter”, was arrested for trafficking in children through the state boundaries as part of a months-long investigation by the prosecutor’s office Letitia James and the New York Police Department, dubbed “Operation Mile High.”

The investigation began in March, when an underage victim reported Alexander to the NYPD, alleging that he cheated on and abused her and other girls, the prosecution said.

Then a undercover agent met with Alexander, who asked him $ 300 dollars to have sex with adolescents of 12 and 14 years. He also allegedly encouraged the officer to harass the girls with marijuana and alcohol to make them more cooperative, according to the press release.

Alexander, a Level 3 registered sex offender, was indicted Saturday in County Criminal Court The bronx for multiple child sex trafficking and related charges.

He is the first to be charged with the crime of child sex trafficking recently enacted in the state New York, which carries a harsher penalty than adult trafficking, noted New York Post.


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