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Winter is perhaps the season of the year that most impacts our immune system, according to Vitónica. Low temperatures also induce a decrease in our defenses, which makes us more vulnerable to disease.

There are ways at our disposal to stabilize and boost the immune system. The feeding healthy, adequate rest and physical activity These are three of the courses of action that we can take so that our defenses are not severely damaged during the winter.

Healthy and balanced diet

Food is an aspect of our life that we cannot neglect if we aspire to an optimal state of health. The food we eat provides us with the nutrients our body needs for all its processes to be carried out satisfactorily.

A healthy diet to increase our defenses during the winter must include the absorption of vitamin D in sufficient quantities. There are studies that confirm that this vitamin plays a fundamental role in the colds prevention.

The absorption of vitamin D in winter tends to be less than the rest of the year due to the reduced hours of light compared to the other seasons. Here it should be remembered that a very important source of this vitamin D is sunlight.

Another nutrient that we cannot leave out is zinc, a mineral that has an important and proven positive effect on the body’s immune system. Its deficit affects a notable decrease in our defenses.

Physical activity

A study from the University of South Carolina indicates that physical activity associated with sport is an important factor in strengthening the body. It will not only be useful for the prevention of colds, but also to soften their associated symptoms.

winter exercise
Exercising during the winter season will help us stay in good health. Source: Shutterstock

In general terms, sport reduces our stress levels and makes us feel better about ourselves, all thanks to the release of endorphins fostered by physical activity.

By practicing a specific sport or establishing an exercise routine, we will have enough to strengthen ourselves against colds thanks to the hormonal action.

Adequate rest

A rested organism is an organism that can better deal with external threats. It’s known that the lack of rest affects the increase in stress levels, which in turn involves the decrease in the body’s defenses.

The rest that the body receives will allow keep stress levels to a minimum and have defenses high enough to deal with viruses and bacteria that threaten to end our well-being.

Apply these 3 ways together will increase the chances that the state of Health come out well at the end of winter, thanks to benefits that will extend beyond this season of the year.

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