The Argentine Yanet García, Sol Pérez, shows off her curves with a low-cut dress | The State

In each of his posts on social networks, La Yanet García Argentina, Sol Pérez dazzles his 5.6 million followers. During her workouts, posing or simply having a barbecue in the open air, the model manages to captivate her audience. In the last hours, he published a series of photos that closed the year in pure brilliance.

“Institutional of America TV with this dress that is crazy,” he wrote at the bottom of the gallery on Instagram, where it could be seen that he participated in a photographic production for the channel where he works as a panelist on the Santo Saturday program.

In the images, Pérez looks a low-cut and tight dress lilac with silver glitter details, ideal for the last time of year.

The publication went viral and, within hours of sharing, it already had more than 168 thousand likes and hundreds of comments from different users that highlighted the beauty and figure of the journalist.

(Swipe to see the photos)


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