Prince William and Duchess Catherine embark on a Christmas train tour

The couple wants to support the people of the country during the pandemic

On December 6, Prince William and Duchess Catherine went on a Christmas tour of the country’s cities, writes the BBC. The couple will travel exclusively on the royal train and plan to meet with teachers, volunteers and paramedics to listen to their stories and support people in difficult times.


The tour will end on Tuesday December 8th. The Dukes of Cambridge will travel more than 2 thousand km through the territories of England, Scotland and Wales. Catherine is traveling on the royal train for the first time, while William has used it several times – including on the day of Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997. Then the young prince came by train from London to Northamptonshire, where the ancestral castle of the Spencer Earls of Althorp House is located.


The couple have already met with paramedics from the Scottish Ambulance Service and thanked them for their work in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, reports The Sun. Last night, Katherine left a message at Euston Station: “Thanks to all the transport services for making the country move even in such a difficult year. Wish you a Merry Christmas! “

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