Kylie Jenner with a miniskirt in the snow and dressed in Christian Dior, and even without a bra dares to fight the cold | The State

It seems that Kylie jenner she is not a woman who suffers from cold. On the contrary, being in winter time with snow around the young businesswoman has already posed in a bikini and today she appeared with her daughter Stormi in a white miniskirt. A pair of transparent black stockings were the only thing she used to protect her legs.

For photography the famous influencer and minor of the clan Kardadhian-Jenner She wore Christian Dior, both her bag and her coat and hat screamed the name of this Luxury Brand.

Even Kylie’s snow gloves are the work of the Christian Dior brand.

It is worth mentioning that Kylie dares to fight fear even without wearing a bra and so clearly she left it days ago when she opened her jacket without any pain or fear. Of course, at all times she saw herself for what she really is, an influencer with a lot of purchasing power, in addition to being a woman who knows how to fully exploit her sensuality. Could it be that so much curve allows it to stay warm even when it is below zero?


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