Demi Rose has put on a transparent dress and in broad daylight it shows that she is not wearing anything else underneath The State

Demi Rose is a model with many curves, 25 years old and of British origin. Over the years he has also become one of the most desired figures on Instagram. Because she tends to dazzle her followers with little bikinis and lingerie suits that can do little with the exuberant size of her curves.

But over the years this young model has also been accepting and incorporating various styles and trends into her wardrobe. One of these focuses on the use of dresses and even transparent lingerie. And the public has been able to enjoy this both on their social networks and on the streets, thanks to the photographs that the paparazzi have achieved. capture of it with this type of clothing, even when you have been walking the streets.

A few days ago, the surprise was taken by her Instagram fans, who could see her wearing an entirely transparent dress. Which evidenced, in broad daylight, that there was nothing under it but his body. A pair of small leather hearts, with earrings in the center, cover the intimacy of her breasts, thus avoiding showing more than is obvious.


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