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CVS Opens 12 Stores Focusing on Hispanics in New York and Jersey

There are about 200 “CVS Pharmacy and More” stores nationwide

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The CVS chain is stepping up its offering to Hispanic customers in New York and New Jersey with 12 “CVS Pharmacy and more” specialty stores open by year-end, the first of its kind in the tri-state area.

These stores are designed to provide “an enhanced, convenient and personalized shopping experience specific to local Hispanic communities“, With daily offers, highlighted the portal Drug Store News.

The store format incorporates bilingual staff and signage, and offers more than 1,500 Hispanic brand products trusted, such as Iberia Foods, Yaucono, Fabuloso, Tio Nacho, Pilon and Café La Llave.

Rebecca Sarnin, president of the Long Island (NY) Health and Welfare Council, stressed to News 12 that he COVID-19 unmasked the vulnerability of underserved communities of color. “It’s an even bigger problem for those who don’t speak English, especially now when it comes to obtaining vital health information in the midst of a pandemic.”

“Our stores’ CVS Pharmacy and more ’have been enormously beneficial in providing a more inclusive environment and personalized value-based selection for our Hispanic customers, ”said Mayra Boitel, vice president of alternative formats for CVS Health.

“Customers can access brands they already know and love, speak to a bilingual staff who can clearly answer any questions about their medication regimen, and easily navigate the store to find what they need quickly. We understand that our Hispanic clients seek more personalized shopping experiences and we are eager to deliver in these markets and make them feel at home while they collect the essentials ”, he detailed.

Since 2015, more than 200 “CVS Pharmacy & More” locations have opened in some 90 cities in California, Florida, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas and Puerto Rico.


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