Cancellation of gatherings: some seniors are heartbroken

The cancellation of the gatherings for the holiday season has affected the morale of seniors in Quebec, who have lived in isolation for several months.

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While many hoped to see their children and grandchildren this Christmas, they will still have to be patient, something some find particularly difficult.

“We will not see our grandchildren and our children. They have to come home, one at a time, pick up their envelopes and go and that’s it, ”said a very emotional elder. “It’s terrible! I miss my children, it’s not possible! “

“We old people are really isolated,” adds another passerby. We only have one party a year where we are used to getting together and there we are prevented from doing so. It’s very disappointing. ”

Despite the deep disappointment, many understand the government’s decision and intend to follow the rules imposed.

“It’s hard, I’m going to talk to them online and we’ll send them their gifts, but no more than that. Unfortunately there won’t be any braces. ”

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