YouTube will ask you to reconsider posting a comment if its Artificial Intelligence thinks it’s offensive The State

YouTube will start asking users to reconsider posting a comment if artificial intelligence identifies it as potentially offensive. After this notice, YouTube will give you the option to edit the content or publish it if you wish. This means that platform users will need to review the company’s guidelines if they are unsure whether their post is respectful.

“To encourage respectful conversations on YouTube, we are launching a new feature that will warn users when their comment may be offensive to others, giving them the option to reflect before postingThe company said in a statement on its blog, according to CNet.

It should be noted that YouTube may later remove comments after they are posted, if it finds that they violate community guidelines, which are essentially YouTube’s rule book on what is allowed and what crosses the line. However, comments that ignore the warning will not necessarily be removed if posted.

YouTube’s new system is able to identify potentially offensive posts by learning from what users have reported on other occasions.

There are around 2 billion monthly users on YouTube and it has more than 500 hours of loading videos per minute, it means that the company must rely on machine learning not only to recommend what else to watch, but also to keep an eye on its platform.

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