Why McDonald’s Failed When Trying to Sell Pizza (Not because of the Taste) The State

Why McDonald’s failed to sell pizza (not because of the taste)

Onion nuggets was another product that was never successful.

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Since 1995, McDonald’s has tried to sell a myriad of new products that have ended up failing over time.

One of these failed dishes was pizza, which the company first tried to sell in the 1970s.. The problem was, there was never a loyal customer base who asked for it enough to make a profit worthwhile, so it was permanently removed from the menu in 2000.

Interestingly, the taste was not the problem, but the time it took to get ready, as people had to wait 11 minutes for it, as reported in Mashed.

This was apparently too long a wait, as customers were already getting used to fast deliveries from McDonald’s.

Another product that also failed was the onion nuggets that were created at McDonald’s by a chef named Rene Arend, who worked in the fast food establishment in the seventies.

This dish was practically onion rings, with the exception that they were presented in pieces in the form of nuggets, not in wheels. These pieces were prepared using a breadcrumb dough that was later fried.

Apparently the battered onion piece wasn’t really that appetizing, so the dish quickly fell through as well.

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